Deleted Scenes: Home of the Wriggler

Essay Deleted Scene  
A section of a mechanical drawing of a car engine.

These scenes were in the show for a long time in rehearsals but didn’’t make the final show for various reasons. If the six hour long four act version ever gets made they would probably be reinstated.

Sue and Desmond
B Sue persuaded Desmond they should go HP on a washing machine.
Desmond convinced Sue the company lease deal was good.
They both thought their pensions were safe.
ALL Nothing was safe.

Nigel’s Hummer
C Nigel parks his bright yellow Hummer outside Starbucks.
H Hummers were manufactured in Mishawaka Illinois.
Nigel’s was an H2, built by General Motors. It cost £32,000.
Hummers first came to public attention in the first Gulf War 1991.
Civilian sales started during the second Gulf War twelve years later.
Nigel’s could drive up 60% slopes and across 40% slopes and ford 20 inches of water.
C He parks it outside Starbucks.
He’s in for MacRaw liquidation talks.
He was first in the firm with a Discovery.
Soon they all had them and it was time to upgrade.
Nigel’s vehicle turns heads.
Pal, Dilip and their mates take shots on their phones.
Nigel pretends not to notice. “Money well spent”, he thinks.

Rick and Fi wait for Rick’s Dad
H Rick and Fi wait in Rick’s mini for Rick’s dad.
CThey’re talking about a driving holiday when they hear the Bull.
B Patrick is the first man through the gates, he is running.
H Minutes later there are hundreds of men in grey overalls swarming past the car.
B Rick’s dad is with his mates,
H shattered but smiling.
Backslap farewell and head duck.
B Fi’s backseat now, leaning forward
H She thinks the whole family’s great. They’re good people.
B Rick and Fi have talked about getting married, but they won’t.
B and H Things will change abruptly, then slowly.

1975: Oil prices leap, the Vietnam War ends, Richard resigns, Bill writes to Paul about a Micro-soft idea,
Thomas, Vance and Deke meet Alexie and Valery in space, Junko climbs Everest.

James Yarker 2006