Big Boss At The Eco-Fair

A few days ago the phone rang in the office. Someone from The Bond was asking if we were interested in looking at a space they have bought and are hoping to rent. Our history goes back with The Bond. There used to be an artist run gallery there and they commissioned It’s Your Film back in 1998. The show was made and opened there, so it’s a special place for us. More recently we have been using their Gatehouse Room as the base in our City Adventure days. In and amongst all this Sarah and I booked the same room as one of the venues in our rather over-involved wedding celebrations.

On Friday Graeme and I (being the only two people in the office) zoomed down to Floodgate Street and gave this new place a once over. It is great and could be fantastic, which probably means we can’t afford it. Now on Thursday I’m booked in to meet the big Bond boss to see what the score is and if there’s a deal to be done for worthy types.

Today Helen Kelly and I roll up to Harborn Primary School with some kit from Home Of The Wriggler. They’re having an Eco-Fair and it seemed like a fun idea to take the peddle power kettle and record player down there. We’ve not been up and running long when a gentleman comes over and starts chatting, asking questions and drops into conversation that he’s heard our name at The Bond. On the way home Helen confirms he was the big Bond boss.

So now come Thursday I can go easy on the ‘we work in Birmingham with kids’ bit, has he will have gathered that already, and go heavy on the International Touring Sensation line because, in my shorts, with my red neck, homemade bike power kit and Eve’s rusk all over my shoulder, he won’t have gathered this.


2 thoughts on “Big Boss At The Eco-Fair

  1. Good luck with the big Bond Boss, old man! Here’s hoping he’s not invited you on a flimsy pretext and that he’s planning to laser you in two from the nuts up, eh?

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