Rice To Newcastle

Of All The People In All The World: 15 – 24 in Trinity Gardens is sensational. Built from 33 tons of rice this is the first big version seen in the UK and the last such version before the show hits London, hopefully some time next year.

The newly built open office space with its steel floor, low white ceiling, big windows and even lighting sets off the white paper and creamy gold rice beautifully. The team have structured the space sensitively with carefully chosen combinations of large and small, long and scattered piles. They have also put together great combinations of statistics, lots of brilliant new stuff and plenty of local interest. They have been well supported by the NewcastleGateshead Initiative who booked us, so Signalnet 5 sounds brilliant in this space, clearly defined and subtle.

This gig has been good to take this opportunity to induct Andy and Jack into the ways of the rice; gearing up for busy times ahead. A bit of extra muscle is also always handy.

Compensation for not having the pleasure of working on the show is the pleasure of being able to visit it. Seven hours on a train is a small price to pay for an hour in its and their company.


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