Crates Missing

Somewhere in Europe, in a forgotten corner of some freight firm’s marshalling yard, lie two blue crates containing an assortment of scales, weights, brushes, scoops, calculators, labels, trousers and one large bale of green cloth. We don’t know where the crates are, but crucially we know where they are not – which is in Gronegen. Gronegen is where we are, with one blue crate.

The missing crates are part of The Great European Baggage Meltdown and no one knows when we will see them again. Fortunately some crucial items where in our personal luggage, the festival have come up trumps with other items and the crucial third crate held some treasures. Of All The People In All The World has thus opened on time with only the untrained eye able to spot the difference between this and the full three crate version.


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