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We have started working with a PR agency. Hometown recognition is about politics not vanity, if we’re going to get a permanent home we’re going to need some help and we’re not going to get help unless we get a good deal of good vibe going; hence the agency.

It’s been a slow start, so when the call came to go for an interview with the local station Radio WM there was no not going. My first attempt ended before it began. Reception couldn’t contact the guy – he was in a studio with all phones turned off. I returned yesterday and it began and ended, and if more than two dozen people hear it go out, that will be too many. I just added to the Total Flow of media bilge sloshing around the world that, if it weren’t so bland and meaninglessly nothing, would pollute anyone unsavvy enough to tune in.

Here, in summary, are my answers:

“My job is coming up with ideas for theatre projects for Stan’s Cafe to work on.”

“I’m a terrible actor, but enjoy directing”

“Most of our work is done abroad but you may have seen us at MAC or The Door, we do work in Birmingham schools and people may have seen The Black Maze”

“No, I’ve never worked with a stroppy prima donna actress”

“No, I’m not being polite, I haven’t”

“No, snogging scenes aren’t difficult, they’re actors, they act”

“No, not really”

“No, we’re not very racey”

“We’re just about to tour to Holland, Germany, Portland, L.A. and Melbourne”

“No, tax payers aren’t paying for it – at least not those in this country”.


3 thoughts on “Radio Bilge

  1. Sympathies. I have a meeting with someone doing something similar tomorrow, only not, thankfully, on radio.

  2. Greetings Stan’s Cafe,

    I’m an artist in Portland, Oregon, US, who will be performing with you during the Time Based Art festival in September. I am extremely excited to meet you in person. The venue, Pacific Northwest College of Art, is my alma mater.

    Speaking of radio and PR, I wanted to invite you to be guests on my radio show “Ear Frottage” on Portland Radio Authority. It is a non-profit internet radio station: My show is dedicated to promoting Portland’s super amazing performing/ visual artists/ purveyors of independent media/ writers…and maybe now international artists as well. The show is broadcast live with a 40 second delay every Saturday morning 10am-noon Pacific Standard time.
    It will be enjoyable, I promise.

    See you in a few weeks,

    aka dj Fawn

  3. Thanks Fawn

    Just give us the nod and we’re there – never knowingly declined a chance to frottage an ear.

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