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The Komedy Kollective kontacted us looking for a link from our site. This prompted a visit to our links page. I saw with minor horror that it’s a mess. It’s neglected. There’s not real logic to it, some of the links are dead and gone. This is certainly not the time to be randomly adding in new links to that page, least of all links to renegades from Bradford who we’ve never met.

This said, wandering around their site in all its kraziness, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of goodwill towards them; another troupe setting out on an uncertain course with piles of energy and a wobbly grasp of html.

In five years time they’ll have their own series on BBC 2 and emailing the likes of us for a weblink will be dim and distant history.


One thought on “Dot Kom

  1. Thanks, James, for your interest and support of what we hope will herald a new movement of comedy horror, or schlockomedy, as we humble, hobbit-like “Kollectivoes” call it.

    As fresh-faced newcomers to the glitz and the glamour of the entertainment industry, we hope to, sooner rather than later, make the whole nation detonate in an eruption of casual mirth, aided by buckets upon buckets of blood and guts, and an unlimited number of bites and scratches from the fangs of vampire cats.

    Stan’s Cafe are already a legend in the touring theare circuit, and if anyone who loves the fine art of theatre is reading this blog for the first time, don’t forget to check them out.

    We’ve added a Stan’s Cafe link to the writing opportunities page on our website, so hopefully our visitors can check you out, and see where and when you’re performing.

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