MASSMoCA Get In Day 1

Jake wrangling the beef of a half dozen MASSMoCA technicians has made short work of about ten tons of rice. Heather and Ali have dealt with Prisoners and Residents of Gated communities. Volunteers have done lots of tedious counting. Howard, our US legal/historical/economics expert has been nudging us in useful directions. Jon’s latest revision of SignalNet contains melodic elements, which a powerful development. Karen has been orchestrating printing and oiling the wheels. It is shaping up well here at the Hunter Centre.

Elsewhere there’s rumour that Andy’s been arrested by Hungarian police following a minor traffic incident with The Black Maze (apparently he’s now free and there probably won’t be any follow up). Craig’s flight to Boston tomorrow has been cancelled and, worryingly Nick has been asking to be reminded just how much space we need to do the world version. Which either means the London venue is starting to wobble or someone else has enquired about staging it – both worrying prospects.

Tomorrow we put the hammer down on medium size and small stats, we look at the lighting in here and I may deign to lift the occasional bag of rice myself. Tonight we set off in search of vegetables.


2 thoughts on “MASSMoCA Get In Day 1

  1. Ok so its cold out there – but have you got snow like we have here?

    In the park we wade through depths of the beautiful whiteness, meeting some snowman friends. Robin greets each one and shakes their sticks for arms and hands. He checks that they are not magic – he”l be up all night waiting to see if the one in the back yard is going to invite himself in, Raymond Briggs – this is all your doing.

    Later, making a vegetable soup to warm us I think of you Staners – you’ll never find a vegetable in North Adams..

    About the show…we demand a webcam travel with you these days..although I’m sure the progress reports are accurate..

    Watch out..Mr Clark is on his way!

  2. No, we can’t compete snow-wise, the stuff here has been around for weeks. It’s cold very cold and very dry.

    There seems to be some video action but no webcam yet, sorry.

    Love to you all back home.


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