North Adams

A major day’s travelling brought us to North Adams, Massachusetts. With time zone nonsense we’d been up 22 hours before flaking out, at a respectable 10pm, in our all wood New England home. The town’s in a river valley surrounded by pine covered hills, temperatures are stuck around -11ºC. So far all is quiet. The venue MASSMoCA is massive, a former industrial facility reminiscent of Kampnagel in Hamburg, within it The Hunter Centre, our space, is a very substantial empty studio space.

Today is supposed to be a rest day but with 16 tonnes of rice to lay out before Friday my mind won’t rest. I’m here, pacing around looking at the rice, looking at the space sketching, plotting, fretting.

Over in Budapest The Black Maze should be up and running. Hopefully for Andy and Graeme street temperatures are better there than here.


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