Winter Wonderland

We’ve got a day off today because of the snow – it’s like being back at school in 1982 (some of you kids will know what I mean, those that don’t will have to google “England the winter of 1982” or ask your parents). This is the first day they have ever closed because of snow since they opened in 1999. We’re in MASSMoCA anyway though because we have an interview for a Boston radio station. Heather and I did one on Monday which led to a group booking of 12 (hopefully they’re not planning to come today when we’re closed)
Jake and I did another on Tuesday – the host was in another city and it was a phone in so the only faces we could see were each other. We managed to develop quite an effective double act – Jake the fast talking funny one; me the slow talking boring one. We developed an elaborate sign language system so that we didn’t talk over each other and to indicate which question we wanted to answer – only once did neither of us gesture that we wanted to answer. People actually phoned in too which was great … we could have carried on all day but we only had half an hour.

I started this blog pre the Boston interview, now I’ve just finished it, if you can picture that passage of time. It was really enjoyable, I talked to the host for over an hour about the show as we walked around, weighed out some statistics for him, described the history and processes behind it. It made me realise I probably have one of the best jobs in the world.

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  1. Typical, the whole arts centre closes for the first time ever and you still manage to go into work! Admirable.

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