Constance Brown: Day 1

This blog won’t descend into a blow by blow account of our devising process, we’re not conceited enough to think this of any interest and I’m not candid enough to admit until afterwards that there are ever any moments when we think that everything is anything other than totally on track to being a triumph.

This said, today, Day 1, was a great start. Everyone was fired up, everyone is excited by the possibilities, everyone was firing ideas off. It looks like a fine team.

With luck the resolution on this image is high enough to give you a flavour of the day without being so high that rival theatre companies can nick our exciting ideas.


3 thoughts on “Constance Brown: Day 1

  1. Too late James, I’m even now rushing out a show involving stick men in the shower possibly wearing veils, or large moustages.

  2. It looks suspiciously like the end of the Home of the Wriggler process, are you sure you’ve started in the right place?

  3. The resolution is certainly good enough to see that Craig is sitting like a girl. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

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