The Constance Brown Team

We held off casting the final performer in The Cleansing Of Constance Brown until we knew the kind of performer we needed. Now we are delighted to have completed the team by recruiting Jan Pearson, whose performances we have admired from a distance and close up since 1989. Late last week she became the obvious choice, we made some calls and by some miracle she was free and will start with us tomorrow.

So the full line-up reads:

Gerard Bell: in his debut with Stan’s Cafe.
Jake Oldershaw: a long overdue return to the devising team.
Jan Pearson: in her debut with Stan’s Cafe.
Graeme Rose: a founding member returns.
Bernadette Russell: edging towards ‘regular’ status.
Craig Stephens: of course.
Andy Watson: Lurid and Insane’s President returns.

Sound: Nina West (with additional material from Richard Chew)
Lights: Paul Arvidson

With vague directions from me… Roll on Day 11.


One thought on “The Constance Brown Team

  1. Jan featured as one of the (self-titled) BraMaids in Insomniac Prods. first piece “The Sleep” in 1987, which was a reworking of Pete Brooks’s “Sleep Has Its House”, our student show at Lancaster which started it all off. And 20 years on…. GR

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