Added Weight

One of the great things about international touring is that you tend to be looked after. Often someone from the festival is charged explicitly with making sure you get around the strange city safely and on time, that you get tipped off as to where to eat, what to drink and who to see. Of All The People In All The World is even better because you get to work with local performers as part of the show, they provide an insider’s knowledge and translation services.

We have great memories of ‘helpers’ and collaborators good and bad over the years, but word comes from Amsterdam this week that the bar has been raised to a new level. Saskia had already proved herself up there with the best of them when her 72 year old mother turned up from The Hague to see the show carrying a beautiful set of old metric weights. She’d had the weights for 35 years since buying them in Valencia on her first family holiday, now she wanted to give them to the show. This was a beautiful and generous gesture which we accepted with humility.

As old metric weights are difficult to locate in the UK Saskia’s mum managed to improve a show people already seem to like a lot, thank you to her.


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