Cruise Liner

The get in for Of All The People In All The World at the spectacular Muzikgebouw in Amsterdam was blessedly smooth. Our only problem was printer that died in transit, small-fry by recent standards. Over an evening meal on Saturday night Chris, Jack and Ali filled me in on their extraordinary tales of Rostock (an account of their brush with the G8 should appear on the website soon-ish).

We worked steadily through Sunday and Monday in time for a low-key opening on Monday evening. It was a wrench leaving the show, the setting and local performers are great. The team should have great fun there and get a good version going. One highlight of my time there was a liner cruising past the window and turning round.

Tuesday was spent catching up with Charlotte and jobs in the office, she seemed very pleased to be back. Wednesday was spent meeting loads of people in St.Peter’s School in Stoke, Thursday was similarly spent in Allaynes School in Stone. We are collaborating with both schools on Year 10 science projects next year.

Today, Craig’s advice worked out and I got a Constance Brown DVD in the post for Nick Tigg to get him in the mood. Before this came a meeting at Birmingham Library plotting a possible photographic collaboration. Then I stuffed up a presentation trying win us a Creative City Award, ironically all this international work meant I was under-prepared to explain why we should win the international award. I wish I could have another go at it.


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