Manual Handling

Today we received our Manual Handling training. It is perhaps now more relevant to the get-out than the get-in, but as the man said “it doesn’t have to be a heavy weight to do your back in”. He was a personable bloke, who looked like he’d never lifted anything heavier than a box file of risk assemsents in his life. He recovered well from finding all the startling or unexpected answers to his early quiz questions were just another specialist subject for finly honed stat minds at the caff.

Percentage injuries at work attributable to manual handling? 38% sounds about right.

It was a genuinely useful session, reasurring as much as anything. Break the task down? We’re already doing it. Tea bags in individual mugs does away with the need for a heavy teapot and in so doing reduces the chance of muscular-skeletal problems or ruptures the mere description of which are eye watering.

WARNING: The link is to a PDF about manual handling so only click on it if you actually have an interest the subject.


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