The Other Billboard

It’s time to let people into the secret of the billboards.

There’s a scheme called Birmingham Champions which is run by Marketing Birmingham. They persuade local businesses that it’s in their best interests to operate in a thriving city and that part of what helps a city thrive is having a positive buzz about it. They then ask (or suggest) what these businesses can do to help generate this positive buzz.

In the case of Signature Outdoor “Birmingham’s leading Outdoor Advertising Company” this means giving away slots on some of their sites to intitiative that reflect well on the city. Through the good offices of Marketing Birmingham we have ended up with two of Signature’s “lightbox supersites”, one at Paradise Circus and the other a huge site at Boulton Middleway. The book price on these two for our show build up was £20,000 and we got them for nowt, so THANK YOU to both Marketing Birmingham and Gerry Bew at Signature. Gerry also sent through some great photos, which you are seeing here.

These photos are reproduced here as a road safty intitiative. Too many Stan Fans have been so shocked at the sight of the billboards that their driving has become momentarily erratic. Study them carefully on-line before attempting any drive-by action.


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