New Storage Facility

A momentous day: we (Craig, me and a bloke named Dave (“used to be in the Marines – he can do the work of two men”)) moved an unfeasible amount of stuff out of the office to join the Constance Brown set and props in our clandestine new storage facility. It’s a pleasure to see it all set out in an ordered fashion.

Bays 1 – 4 Constance Brown
Bay 5 Plain flats
Bay 6 It’s Your Film (small pile)
Bay 7 Good and True (big pile)
Bay 8 Home of the Wriggler (bigger than you’d imagine) and Be Proud of Me (one table, one crate & a sling for slide projectors)
Bay 9 Lurid and Insane (mostly junk) plus Ocean of Storms (two silver boxes) and Bingo In The House Of Babel (a Bingo Machine).

On the right hand side, set back into alcoves, Of All The People In All The World

In the tec room sits tec kit.

Beside the loading bay is spare timber, banners and one tonne of rice.



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