Second Life in Coventry

My thought provoking week was rounded off by spending Friday being shown around bits of the Second Life computer world. It was a fascinating experience, half anthropological safari, half mathematical mindwarp. Coventry University are focusing some of their research into performances engaging this alternative reality and are trying to lure me in. Initially I had agreed to aid by playing the role of Arch-Sceptic however, as with many of these things, once you choose to engage with it prejudices start to soften. Slowly I started to engage with the possibilities and conundrums of the media and the project started to grow more attractive. Obviously I drew the line well before having my own Avatar created, but I sense a slippery slope ahead.


2 thoughts on “Second Life in Coventry

  1. I was going to say “Resist, resist”. I’ve seen people doing a phone-in on there, it was impressive and pointless, and the Newsnight foray was OK but that was because they really just used it for a fancy graphic and a discussion. But now that I’m thinking about it I am realising that if anyone can do it well Stan’s Cafe can, and now already I’m getting curious to see what you would do…

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