Won £1,000 And Lost My Shirt.

Today was another out off office – thinking of the future day. This time the location was the curious fantasy world of The Public in West Bromwich and the activity was a day about DIGITAL stuff.

It was a good chance to think for a full day without having to do anything. As a result of this and various nudging and promptings I’ve come away with a bunch of ideas about the Stan’s Cafe website, Stan’s Cafe marketing, Stan’s Cafe collaborating, a new Stan’s Cafe show and finally, accidentally we’re making a thing.

After presentations, panel discussions, ‘speed dating’ and case studies, a tombola draw threw four of us delegates together for 30 minutes to come up with an idea to pitch. After a moderately uninspiring 28 minutes we came up with a decent idea. The decent idea got short-listed by a judging panel. Thus we qualified for 20 minutes extra thinking time, by which point there were just two of our team left. The final pitch got us second place and £1,000 to take the idea on further. Which compensates in some way for losing my shirt in the wildly overheated building somewhere (relax I was wearing a T-shirt beneath the lost shirt).

3 thoughts on “Won £1,000 And Lost My Shirt.

  1. As we were leaving, one of the staff was runnning about looking for you brandishing a blue shirt. Give the venue or just-b a shout and you might get it back.

    Good to meet you yesterday and congrats on the ‘thing’.

  2. Thanks Chris,

    Turns out it was that infernal theatre the was too hot to handle not the merely very warm pink reception area.

  3. Also turns out The Public don’t respond to emails or return telephone calls. So the shirt is still AWOL.

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