Local TV – How To Do It

Day 3. A monster day is on the cards, but first we must eat “all we wish” for Breakfast. In contrast to the cornucopia of yesterday’s Dinner the offerings are modest and we escape still trim and bustling for action.

Chris sets to tidying the gallery whilst the rest of us charge to the Olin Library on the other side of campus with all our kit. We set up this ‘satellite’ in the foyer with of a Birth of a Nation stats on one side and university based ones on the other. We finish just in time for brief ceremonials with librarians at noon. Then high-tail it back to the gallery and have thing just about ready when Dan Kain from WFSB Eyewitness News turns up with his camera guy. They are a great team, friendly and efficient, they spend about ten minutes with the show, the piece goes out that evening and it’s one of the best we’ve seen done on the show. It throws into sharp relief our home stations’ failure to:

a> pick up on the show.
b> display any verve in their coverage of anything at all (not that I’m childish enough to harbour a grudge as you can tell).

Click on the link to see for your selves.

Before the cameraman has finished shooting his cut-away shots Jack, Graeme and I are off to Middletown’s mid-town Main Street with a huge stack of rice to do a window display. We use a statistic that is so shocking that it keeps me awake at night – but more of that in a future post. Then it’s back to the gallery just in time for a newspaper interview (the Theatre and Visual Art Critics from a local paper have come in tandem which is a great idea for a show people find tough to catagorise). The opening follows seamlessly, with more ceremonials and food, which we miss out on because things are so busy. We also fail to pace ourselves properly. Having neglected to check our schedules carefully and are shocked to realise that though the opening finish at 19.00 we’re due to plough on until 21.00.

Desperately hungry and thirsty I manage to mislead people into ‘the other’ Mexican Restaurant in town, not the one that’s recommended. It’s a bad business. There are casualties. Food is left. We all cling to our beer for safety.


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