Not ‘all you want’ or ‘all you can’ just ‘all you wish’.

As usual Day 2 means smaller rice piles and things start to speed up. We are in at nine and cracking on with it. I broke out briefly to visit WESU FM, which is a proper radio station, corridor walls lined with dog eared vinyl, 7” & 12”, tatty kit and a deep passion for radio pervading the place. Barry and I do double coverage on Stephan Allison’s River Valley Rhythms show. It’s a classic ‘through the glass’ interview with us in adjoining studios, meeting in the corridor as a record plays out. Stephan has a great, easy American radio voice. He is generous with his show time and as we appeared to run over time I started to grow anxious that listeners in the River Valley weren’t getting as many rhythms as they had hoped.

The big excitement within the team today was discovering the delicious “eat all you wish” facility at the Student Union building. Shockingly, it was here, at the heart of student catering that we discovered the first vitamins of our trip, stacks of salad and fruit and juice. Learning that a similar, but cheaper deal also applies to breakfast our joy was, as you may imagine, unbounded.

Amazingly even Jack, who had availed himself of the ‘make your own waffle’ equipment was able to waddle back to the gallery in time to greet our second batch of volunteer performers, a keen bunch who didn’t appear to resent being kept the full two hours, until 22.00, helping us push things on.


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