We officially launched @ A E Harris on Friday. There was a relaxed party style event. Kitchen Garden Cafe did some tasty catering and handed out drinks. Craig, Jake and I set up a fairly extensive exhibition of Stan’s Cafe memorabilia including photographs, objects, reviews and things to do. We put so much effort into this we’ve decided to keep it up until the space it occupies is required for something else.

The event was well attended by friends of the company old and new. Special mention has to go to Mike, who came up from London and Ed, over from the Home Counties. It was great to see them both. Hopefully the event has stirred up some interest in people who may want to themselves present art @ A E Harris. Hopefully it will also draw an audience for our own work in the space.

After a brief speech from Alan James saying “hurrah” and a rather longer one from we saying “thank you” and “come to our shows” and “bring your own shows” and “these are some of the shows we are going to do here” and then repeating these points a few times, it was time for BINGO; back from 1994 the Bingo Machine was out and in full effect. 1994 was so long ago I had forgotten how long it can take a room full of people to throw up a winner in a bingo game. When the winner eventually emerged it was Finian Coghlan, a journalist visiting from Ireland, whose prize was to launch the space and the new season by bursting through a paper wall into a room fitted out with a working portion of our new Scalextric collection – part of the future.

We were also wise enough to invite the excellent Pete Ashton to the hence, hence you can get a flavour of what it was like, in triplicate.


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