Re-rehearsals started today for Home of the Wriggler. An amalgam of freshly printed amended scripts, my annotated old script and a DVD documenting the last performance helped us piece together what should be happening.

In between times we fit in bits of clearing up after the opening, trying to be conscientious about returning everything borrowed from the Constance Brown kit back to the Constance Brown section downstairs so we’re not left stranded in Toronto.

Later, after supper, I returned with Graeme and, whilst discussing a corporate job he’s leading on, we complete the Carnet. A Carnet is a list of everything that we are taking out of the country: its description, weight, value and country of origin. For a show with as much ‘stuff’ as Constance Brown the Carnet is a serious task. Billy broke the back of it last week. Arvo has supplied the tech list and it’s this that we’re working off tonight. It takes us until beyond Midnight but eventually it is done.


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