Late Night Sewing

Late nights this weekend it’s been sewing time. The machine has been pulled out of the roof, dusted off and fired up. Velcro has been going on the blackout material. Sewing straight lines, black cotton fixing black Velcro to black fabric that’s going to be fixed to the roof in the dark is low-pressure work and thus quite therapeutic.

The Other Way Works have been doing prep for their work Black Tonic @ A E Harris, letting them in and out allowed a chance to check a prototype square of the blackout in position. It appears to work well, though application requires devious ladder choreography.


One thought on “Late Night Sewing

  1. Thanks for the mention James.

    We made the most of the space available @ A E Harris, and taped out a full size ‘Dogville’ style 2D version of the Radisson SAS Hotel Birmingham, where the show’s going to be performed, to rehearse in/on.

    We open this Thursday!


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