Wriggler @ A E Harris

Wednesday was a great night. The first Theatre Show to be staged @ A E Harris went off smoothly. Home of the Wriggler is set in a factory, normally there is a fake factory floor and a backdrop but as on this occasion we were performing in a factory this dressing seemed unnecessary.

I thought the performers did a great job and the audience weren’t bad either, clapping and laughing and even cheering a little. Bharti has picked this complicated show up amazingly fast and the others have, as usual, kept well on top of our usual ridiculously involved re-editing of who says what lines and exactly what the lines are and what’s cut and what’s added. The first half zipped along and was, I thought, great. We left the improvised ‘break’ section a bit too slack and the second half never quite caught fire, which was a shame as it was very strong in rehearsals.

Brett from Kitchen Garden Cafe ran a small bar and it was all pretty civilized in a factory kind of way, a dream come true. We’re about to inherit two sofas to make things more luxurious. I can’t wait for more ‘stuff’ to happen there.


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