Stan’s Cafe at Paganel School

In January Kerrie and I made a piece called Smartie Mission with Year 5 pupils at Christ The King School. Attending that was a guy called Marcus who acts as a ‘creative agent’ for Paganel School in Birmingham, he asked if we could do a cut down version of the project with them, never knowingly refusing work, we said “yes”.

For days leading up to Thursday I was cursing myself for this “yes”. Attempts at preparation were squeezed in between other duties and late at night. It made me a bit more grumpy than usual at home, but in the end it was fun.

Over the course of the day we worked with every class above reception. Lettuce as Rain Forest (a change from cabbage), Fruit as Planets (again), Rice as people (yet again) and an Apple Pie as a pie chart. My advice for any would be pudding based mathematicians is to use a flan kind of pie not a crusty pasty topped kind of pie. I imagine it allows for more accurate degrees of division.

A substantial watermelon was left as a staff-room offering. Hopefully eating Jupiter will be a welcome change from biscuits.


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