Secure and Shipped

Today Wayne from Rock-It turned up @ A E Harris along with a 40′ shipping container. Billy and Jake hefted The Cleansing of Constance Brown out of storage and I gained expert training in how to load a container for sea haulage. Clive did the business as usual with deft work on the forklift and made light of some irritatingly heavy kit.

Everything was in and the container sealed by three. Now it will be in Southampton. On Monday it starts its trip by sea to Montreal. In Montreal it goes from ship to train. It’s due to arrive in Toronto storage a week before we require it in the venue. If the scientific tesselation of kit and strategic use of ratchet straps has worked hopefully it will all arrive intact. What could go wrong?

Worst case scenario: Ship sinks taking set with it.
Second worst case scenario: Ship survives but the set is swept of deck by freak wave.
Desired scenario: Ship and container dock safely.
Best scenario: Container gets swept off deck, washed up on a distant shore where beachcombers find it and start performing a version of the show for themselves on the beach.

This evening Home of the Wriggler is performed in Prema.


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