Where are they now? Richard Da Costa.

Birmingham University Theatre Studies alumni. Birmingham theatrical man about town. MAC productions impresario – Living with Pigs.


2 thoughts on “Alumni

  1. He’s making a good go of it, well done the lad.

    ‘I think I’ve found my new favourite person on TV… Richard da Costa wins my vote… A more entertaining hour you are unlikely to find on TV this week. And why? It is all thanks to Da Costa, whose genuinely touching and instructive performance must be seen to be believed. Never has a man covered himself in pigshit and fought for pellets from a bucket with such dignity and grace. When they give him toys to play with he even takes them to show the pigs in the neighbouring pen. Love this guy. Please can someone watching this give him a permanent job in TV? That’s the idea, isn’t it? If ever anyone deserved a break -‘
    Ian Beetlestone, OBSERVER, Easter Sunday edition.

    ‘The real star of the show is Da Costa, who flings himself into life as an intensively-reared pig with the gusto of a method actor.’ Joe Clay, The Times April 11th

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