Sunny Swansea

8.30 is probably the earliest we’ve ever opened any performance but the conference breakfast shift made it worthwhile. Since then we have had waves of delegates attend between talks and workshops. Lots of photographs are being taken and there have been a good number of enquiries about how we work with schools and how much we charge.

It’s impossible to tell what will lead to what. Sometimes gigs that are full of enquiries lead to nothing, sometimes gigs that seem very quiet throw up a great booking. Often the lead-in time is a couple of years but I’ve always believed every gig is worthwhile come what may. Even if we send a few teachers away inspired to do something similar in their own classrooms then that will be a good result.

Next up I give a talk, I’m not sure what they’re expecting or hoping for. I’m not sure how much to tailor it to maths or teaching, the trick in these situations is to throw things open to questions as soon as possible and let the audience get what they want out of the encounter.


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