Easy as Pi

Sit up in a foyer waiting for co-workers to haul in from Manchester, England: beat the jet-lag by staying up forever.

National Express was weirdly painless, despite being the 02.45 Birmingham to Heathrow.
Check in and all else was smooth. The long haul flight helped me solve an e-mail in-box overload.

A photo of The Cleansing of Constance Brown has recently appeared in an A-level text book, so as a Maths, Physics, Geography boy, I took the chance to see the kind of thing A-level Theatre students need to know. I can seen now why I didn’t take that option – Physics is far more my thing. Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment included an option of Canadian films, a number of them short. My favourite was Easy As Pi, an engaging documentary about kids from a University Maths Soc. reciting Pi to ridiculous degrees of accuracy; that’s their thing.

Once imigration and customs sorts grudgingly agreed that Billy could linger a while in their country we were free to install ourselves on the 33rd floor of a Harbour side hotel (free lobby wi-fi). Later I bullied Billy and Alex into walking from 0 – 1184 West Queen Street to an Ethiopian restaurant I had spotted in our welcome pack. The walk was exciting, the city impressive. A band played from the back of a Budget rental van. Darth Vader and storm troopers guarded a comic shot. Every other shop boasted another fresh specialism. Fortunately our meal justified the march, it was delicious.

Tomorrow, bright an early, the work begins.


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