Toronto Get In Day 1

The container was nearly two hours late arriving but the driver redeemed himself somewhat by pulled off a precision reversing manoeuvre and thus allowing our swarm of technicians to unload in record time.

I fouled up first by not spotting immediately that the numbered doors were being set up where the lettered doors should have been and vice versa. Then it was revealed that I’d misjudged the placement of the flooring and everyone had to put their shoulders in to slide the whole construction 94cm forward. These things happen when I’m left to my own devices. People seemed to take it in good heart. The Enwave’s impressively level floor obviated the need for any painful chocking. Steve is a born Pin Man and in tandem we soon had the doors hung. When Craig and Graeme, ‘fresh’ from the airport, poked their heads in the set was up and looking good.

In Bucharest Alex was Bernadette, here she is to be Jan. By lunch she’d been though her costumes, turned up a pair of trousers and is ready to join Bernadette, Gerard and Gareth on a sightseeing adventure. Nina’s sound is plumbed in. She’s remixed things again and promised us “20% more audio excitement”, which sounds like a bold, does the dial go up to 11?

Over here we’re on 110V power, down from Europe’s 240V. Arvo’s cooked up a plan and a mixture of local lights and step-up transformers, our lighting desk plugged via their lighting desk into their dimmer racks seems to be doing the trick. The fans appear to be cranked up as much as the ever have been, which is good news for those charged with wrangling the Orange Billowing Mass. Low power fans leads to a flaccid mass and no one wants that, least of all the wranglers.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Get In Day 1

  1. i heard about this blog from the harbourfront toronto website. ( do they have performances of ‘Of All the People In All The World?’ in Birmingham? is that where it originated froM?

  2. Hi Peter,

    They kept me so busy at Harbourfront that the blog entries didn’t get very far on this trip. We have performed ‘Of All The People In All The World’ twice in Birmingham, which is our home base. The first performance was in Coventry, at the confusingly named Warwick Arts Centre. Since then the show as been across Europe, North America and as far as Australia.

    If you follow the link to the Stan’s Cafe website on the left hand side of this page then you can navigate to details about the show, where it’s been etc.

    thanks for your interest.

    stan’s cafe

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