Penny Dreadful Theatre

Our esteemed collaborator Bernadette Russell, who was part of the devising team for Home Of The Wriggler and The Cleansing Of Constance Brown, has been commissioned to write a piece for the the theatre company Penny Dreadful. The show called Missionary’s Position is currently on tour in the UK and will be at The Custard Factory Theatre this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m planning on being there, and recommend it as potentially a good night out. Bernadette’s great to work with, she has a strong personal aesthetic and is full of ideas, so I’m keen to hear what the text will be like. Penny Dreadful aren’t dreadful at all. I saw their show Bitches Ball in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and it was engaging and well performed, so there we go, that’s the plug. Possibly see you there.


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