Spys Steps is GO.

A seriously long day was worked on Wednesday and at its conclusion Spy Steps was done. There are a few minor details we still want to improve, but it’s essentially all done and we’re proud of it. Ultimately the get-in consisted of five days prep and one day blitzing Warwick Arts Centre with vinyl. Whilst frantically adhering we were regularly interrupted with questions about the project and congratulations on it. So the feeling is currently pretty good about the piece.

This is the big flash younger brother of Dance Steps, which we made last year. Spy Steps makes full uses of WAC’s big expanses of stone floor and plate glass. It revels in it’s own on site vinyl cutter and for the well rehearsed, Nina’s music makes the whole thing become not just fun, but very exciting indeed (at least I think so and I’m the only one to have experienced it like this so far, which gives us 100% approval rating, maybe we should quit whilst ahead).

Whilst the soundtrack is played each day over the venue’s P.A. system at 1 and 6pm the real trick is going to be getting it available online as an MP3 so people can charge around with it on their headphones. Although I have been induced to create a Spy Steps facebook group I have yet to work out how to post the MP3 there for download, which is humiliating and has also prevented me promoting the group to ‘all’ my ‘friends’ (are all my ‘friends’ Electric? let’s hope not).


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