The Last Week

Monday: A small team of operatives descended on Montgomery School in Sparkbrook and had a really fun time letting teachers lose on Stop Frame Animation, Podcasting Kit, Fruit and Veg City Raw materials and inevitably, rice as people. They seemed to enjoy it all.

Tuesday: Mostly just meetings and e-mails and avoiding doing the intimidating jobs.

Wednesday: A meeting with Terry Grimley from Birmingham Post over at Warwick Arts Centre, which should lead to a piece in next Wednesday’s paper. Then Craig and I polished Spy Steps up a bit. Including adding “New York, Moscow, Bejing, Coventry” under the four big clocks they have lined up in the foyer – I’ve got to post a picture of this at some point as Simon left demanding photographic evidence that we would carry out his last request.

Thursday: A trip to Leciester to sort out a major collaboration with a school over there. It’s looking good. Much stop-frame action this term before a more significant collaboration next year.

Friday: Unpacking a shipping container, moving a seating bank, clearing up a load of stuff from the space, marking out a ludicrously ambitious Scalextric track, fit together and test the first six pieces.

Saturday: A bit obsessive drag family over to space to fit and test a few more lengths of scale. Get a text to look in the Guardian Guide where Lynn Gardner has kindly done a preview for Spy Steps and said nice things about the company along the way.

Tonight we start celebrating Craig’s 40th Birthday.


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