All Steps Completed in Croydon

Although not officially open until Friday, Odyssey Steps was completed today at Croydon Clocktower thanks to the heroic efforts of Simon, Denise and Jack. This means that come Saturday we will have two editions of the Steps Series open simultaneously.

Promoting Giant Steps in Birmingham we are left with that familiar fear. Will your marketing effort cost more than the ticket sales you draw in? I recall writing a report once for a venue’s marketing department and floating the idea that rather than advertising the shows we should have just gone out and given the tickets away. Strategically done this would have saved us money and ensured full houses – the problem with this strategy is you end up never making any money on anything. Any which way we are as keen as ever that swarms of people get to see the latest Stan’s Cafe offerings so please do pass the word around. A sneak preview of what’s on offer can be found on the Giant Steps page of this website

As one Stan team dusts itself down in Croydon another is gearing up in Mainz for the German Premiere of The Cleansing of Constance Brown. The floor plan suggests a full seven door version should be possible, but often this counts for nothing in the face of the building itself.

Back home I’m having a rather dull time rounding up and herding onto a DVD nine stop frame animation videos we made with pupils in a Leicester at the end of last term. It’s one of those jobs far better done in the heat of the moment rather than having it weighing on your conscience throughout the summer.


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