Moseley Folk 2009

It was a pleasure to be back at the Moseley Folk Festival again last weekend. The experience wasn’t quite as euphoric as last year, for which weather and other external factors play a big part.

The stuff I saw/heard was a slightly random cross section. As I know next to nothing about Folk music I didn’t actually turn up especially to see anything so probably missed all the best stuff. Here goes, the best things:

Meeting up with folk and folk again.
My all to few visits to the Purity Brewery tent
Frida Hyvonen who was mesmerising, terrifying and hilarious – Kate Bush gone bad.
Circulus’ first number which was fantastic.
Seeland (I think this was them. We had to leave during as Eve was a one person four year old mosh pit waiting to stage dive.
Demon Barber Roadshow was obviously very good value and contained my favourite act of the whole festival – the Black Swan Rappers (the link’s OK but live it’s something else again, I loved it).

and the worst things:

The only thing fully worthy of mention is Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds. Their ‘folk’ versions of ‘punk’ classics felt like a waste of stage time (they got a great reception though).
Having to go home and not meeting more folk or folk.

Thanks to Gerv and his whole team for a festival with a great atmosphere. We hope for more of similar next year. The Moseley Folk festival is a great asset to the city.


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