Giant takes his first Steps

Giant Steps opened today in a very low key way, as part of this year’s ArtsFest. It is open all this weekend and for the next three weekends (4th October = Last Chance To See).

I am particularly happy with this edition of the Steps Series. It is targeted at families with young children. Eve has given it a four year old’s endorsement and I’m hoping that there will be enough wit and puzzles solving to keep parents and older siblings amused too.

Simon has done a fantastic job on the design as usual so it looks beautiful. @ A E Harris we have lots of space and none of the clutter we had to deal with in previous venues, so it all feels roomy and clean – ironically, given how dirty the place is.

Nina has come up trumps, knocking out a lovely 25 minute soundtrack in next to no time.

Lots of thanks have to go to Denise, Aby, Jack, Billy, Hannah and Eve for their sticking efforts, it be came a bit of a scramble in the end.

After loading the Constance set for it’s journey to Mainz and onward to Montpellier Jake and Clive have permanently fixed an enormous Stan’s Cafe banner to the side of the our building which should be comfortably visible on Google Earth if they stray at all from the perpendicular.

This weekend Simon is hunkered down in the Leicestershire countryside with his hot new MAC, utilising it’s new improved processing speed to the full generating graphics for Odyssey Steps which will open at Croydon Clocktower on Friday next week.

I won’t be there, or in Mainz, where Fiona Putnam will be making her debut for The Cafe deputising for Bernadette in Constance Brown. It feels badly wrong not to be at either of these high pressure Stan occasions but Eve has her own high pressure situation brewing as Monday is her first day at school and ultimately first things have to be first and I need to be there for that.

At the risk of making this an overly sentimental Dad style entry I leave you with this…
Eve did love charging around Giant Steps but once she’d left she did ask “will the proper show start tomorrow?” – worried she had gone all ‘well-made-play’ on me I quizzed her: “Like the racing show” she explained. That she considers a 24 Hour Scalextric race with full webcast commentary to be a ‘real show’ I take as a matter of great parental pride.


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