Things to See and Do

Between two trips to Montpelier I’m trying to take in a few cultural events with mixed success

I think I’ll get to experience a cut down version of Friction Arts and Dreams of Tall Buildings’ collaboration Residuum in Birmingham’s Back to Backs on Hurst Street, but was too late to book in for the guided tour version. The installation is there for a little bit so should be worth checking out.

The plan is to scoot from this 20 meters up the road and check out the new program from Birmingham Royal Ballet. There’s a BRB – Stan collaboration in the offing (don’t’ get excited, it’s very low) so it will be good to get immersed in that world a bit more (plus I’m fired up following a recent encounter with the Royal Flemish Ballet).

The casualty of the cultural week will be my planned trip to see the new New Macho show at the Belgrade Studio space in Coventry on Friday (it’s also on this Saturday). I have been really looking forward to it but it just doesn’t work out in terms of domestic logistics. I urge all others to go and tell me how it is.


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