Invisible City’s Award


Tonight we won an award, which is always pleasing. Invisible City’s which was run by Creative Republic was open to public nomination and public votes. The categories were fun: Things that made us proud, Things that made us smile Etc. we won Things that made us think which seems like a good category to win, even if people are only thinking “how the hell do they get away with it!” We are particularly proud as we neither nominated nor voted for ourselves.

Thanks to everyone involved (grabs engraved plate and brandishes it above head as he returns to his place in the audience).

Name checking a few people met: Nick Podnosh Booth, Alan Tindle Street Press Mahar, Iris Sculptor Birtz, Louise Common Purpose Teboul, Sandra Friction Arts Hall, Janice Barbara Nice / Women And Theatre / Renaissance Woman Connolly. Plus of course the very excellent Vikki Green.

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