Artists Taking The Lead

I had to go to the Arts Council website to find who had got the Artists Taking The Lead awards.
Does this mean I was out of the news-loop when they were announced, or has journalistic ‘outrage’ been exhausted where contemporary arts are concerned? Anyway, it was interesting to see who has chosen to do what where.

I was pleased to see that both Lone Twin and The Pacitti company have come up trumps, good luck to them. It’s a challenging spin on the fund’s terms that The Quay Brothers are coming over to collaborate with artists in Leeds.

To save this from becoming the blandest blog in the UK I have to say the West Midland’s project, a Giant puppet of Lady Godiva leading a participatory performance with a cast of thousands, doesn’t spark my interest, but then I’m just me, I’m sure others are excited by it.

Follow the link to make up your own minds.


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