Barter Economy

The barter economy lives on. Today the Power Plant team met in our offices whilst we were all variously away and in exchange Jony Easterby fixed our dodgy door handle, ideal.

Where’ve we been? We can’t tell you because:

1: Charlotte is on holiday and we don’t want the paparazzi getting to her.

2: Craig and I have been working on a Steps Series installation which must remain secret until half-term is up in Leicestershire (there’s a clue there for the tenacious).


2 thoughts on “Barter Economy

  1. No problem James
    Hope its still working
    All DIY barters undertaken!

    PS leave tools next time had to use the ubiquitous Sw.A.K

  2. It did the job for a while but the wood in that door is substandard, my next job is to seek out a door handle that has a screw not into the door but into the piece of metal that connects the inside and outside door handles together (clearly I’ve not got the technical vocab but I’m on the case nevertheless.

    Hope all is good in your neck of the woods. J

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