Constance Brown In Montpellier: Nearly Over

Constance Brown has nearly done its thing in Montpellier. The show is in good shape. We’ve been deploying the British Cycling Team’s principle of constantly trying to find marginal improvements in every aspect of the show to make the whole show better. To the mock chagrin of Ray Newe I now particularly like a moment after The Mirrors scene in which all the doors are closed and there’s no one in the corridor. The corridor is a powerful presence in the show and this moment, with lights on full behind the doors and thus the corridor criss-crossed with needle thin lines of light, although it carries no intrinsic meaning, is powerful and seemingly important nonetheless. Nina after a extended period of negotiations with the mixing desk has perfected a very pleasing way of getting to silence following the exit of ‘the orange billowing mass’. Where previously she’d always been disappointed having to fade the music out (the duration of orange mass billowing is notoriously variable), now she is delighted to cut the source of the music dead and with swirl of reverb.

Of All The People In All The World is still looking good in Montpellier and one presumes, in Aberystwyth where Jack is gearing up to give his first Stan’s Cafe talk. Go Jack go!


One thought on “Constance Brown In Montpellier: Nearly Over

  1. Thanks for asking me along for the Theatre d'O shows. It was fun, even if your favourite moment was the empty set!

    Best wishes

    Ray Newe

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