Clowning in France


All the timing worked perfectly yesterday. Apollo Steps is planned and we finished the planning immediately before Domaine d’O’s winter Season launch began.

This event was essentially a two hour long advertisement for the venue. Artists talked in rotation to groups of people about the shows they are bringing. I, along with other artists and the venue’s director talked to the whole crowd about more shows arriving. Video clips gave glimpses of yet more performances to come and there was a tiny taste of live music. The whole procedure took two hours and ran twice to a combined crowd of well over six hundred. Amazingly it seemed to work! People stayed focused and appeared to enjoy it, thanks in no small part to a clown I know only as Luc, who did an wonderful job as MC, frankly they should get him in to host the Oscars.

As soon as the last audience member had left and we had all finished eating the heavens opened and, despite running for our cars, everyone got utterly drenched. Cue further excellent clown action as a mini convoy of cars entirely failed to negotiate a portion of the city’s one-way system barely 10m from our hotel.

2 thoughts on “Clowning in France

  1. sounds brilliant are you going to do something like that at A.E Harris or will the Christmas party serve as an irreverent celebration of Birmingham theatre (ish) scene?

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