New Toy

Today we took delivery of another piece of tasty kit, WARNING: only the Sparks amongst you need read on.

Thus far @ A E Harris we’ve only rigged the minimal lighting which can run off a 6 channel dimmer and a 13amp socket. Now, with the British Dance Edition looming, we’ve finally bitten the bullet and asked Mike The Electrician to install a 63amp three phase socket on the wall. The new toy is a distribution box. It is a dumpy rubber cube. It sits on the floor. One face carries the socket into which the three phase comes in. A second face carries three 63amp single phase sockets. A third carries one 32amp and four 16amp single phase sockets. The fourth face houses an array of RCD trip switches. Finally there’s a handle on top for carrying it around.

The thing was made for us bespoke, rapidly and with great good humour by the Rubber Box Company of Burnley, who Arvo recommended and who now we in turn recommend for all your distribution needs.

The only bad news is that getting all this sorted out has cost us most of the hire fee we’re receiving for the BDE week. One day maybe we will stop having to ‘invest in the space’ and a hire fee will actually hit our bank account.

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