British Dance Edition: @ A E Harris

It was great to see the crowds back @ A E Harris today for the British Dance Edition.

Dudendance showed their solo piece Spaceman (for links see the entry before last), which was beautiful, spacious, slow, resonant and very powerful. The male performer slowly morphs through a series of physicalities ghostly, robotic, astronaut, Gorilla, body builder leaving plenty of time and space for us to make our own connections with the piece. I was particularly please because they had adapted the piece so it made strong but understated used of the architecture in the venue’s ‘Europe’ zone and the lighting designer created a beautiful play between the spaces own natural daylight and his own subtle additions.

As I left to run errands a large crowed was jostling for position to see The Clod Ensembles show. The venue has scrubbed up pretty well and is welcoming the Dance Crowd, happy days.


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