Rare London Trip

Half term starting has heralded a rare London trip. Cheapo to Marylebone on the slow train. Sketching text for a page in MAC’s forthcoming book and preparing for the day’s meetings.

Out of the station directly into the Cafe. Breakfast special and a conversation about media coverage of the company. How to get more (obviously a prearranged meeting this, not just an informative conversation with a random stranger).

Then directly down to Waterloo and the National Theatre. I’m such a bumpkin I remain overexcited by the Oyster card. Things are looking good there for a commission – no body get excited, it would be very small and wouldn’t be on one of their stages.

On to Battersea Arts Centre. Although Home of the Wriggler was there last year I’ve not personally been there for years, so this was a chance to look around. They’ve opened up a huge number of new spaces. They want us to bring a show out of retirement, but we suspect it will prove too costly. Still, it was interesting to look around.

From there a bus further into Wandsworth and an a sight visit for another commission, due to kick off May 1st. Whilst there I purchased Emile and the Detectives to read as research.

A quick stop off in Clapham to say hello to my beautiful nieces. Then back on the Chiltern Line and Bingo a seat with a socket so my poor old laptop with it’s failing battery could be called into service on the return journey leaving Emile… only half read.

Mission accomplished.

You’ll gather most of vagueness above is due to things that may either fall through or which cannot be properly announced until a time of the promoter’s choosing.


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