Wet Thaw

We’ve been plotting the future @ A E Harris, scheming to extend its life as a venue and get more people in there making and watching theatre.

I was down there today holding informal talks with John, the boss. I’d been asked, whilst down there, to dig Jake’s harmonium out of our storage space for the forthcoming Foursight / Talking Birds collaboration. Crossing the courtyard I saw a small river flowing from the kitchen/toilet door – never a good sign. Wading upstream I followed the river’s course into the toilets, past the sinks to the end cubical and found the source, a vast waterfall issuing from a thoroughly burst pipe. Time to call John, one of the factory’s most handy men.

The stopcock was quickly located and normality restored. Those familiar with the toilets @ A E Harris will appreciate that no damage was done, in fact the floor is as clean now as it has been for some time.

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