Pledge Review 2

Hamfisted! perform the Farmer and the Mermaid @ A E Harris. Inside a beautifully designed potato (brown geodesic dome), the audience of 15 sit on (not very) cushioned beer crates around the internal circumference and three performers squeeze between us.

They tell a fable, in simple story-teller fashion, of a love affair between a farmer, who farms a small island and a mermaid. There are gentle songs and minor bits of acting out. The potato’s door acts as an exit and allows large props to be brought in and removed. Throughout the design, is simple, playful and pleasing. The performances are sound. The script throws in enough discord to prevent the piece being too sweet. It is all gently enjoyable – Hamfisted! fulfilling their stated intention of “putting smiles on people’s faces”.

Suitable for kids, except mine, who refuses to even consider attending any theatre she’s not in – and even that she prefers not to stray from the front room. She has yet to sign the Theatre Pledge.


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