Back To Wriggler

Such are the complications of our Spring Diary that, having taken Tuning Out With Radio Z to the edge of production, we now push it to one side and re-tour Home of the Wriggler. Today was the first of three days rehearsals. Bernadette is back, having been unavailable for last year’s revival. She has done a remarkable job of re-learning the piece and accommodating amendments made to the show since she last did it in 2006.

It has been quite a challenge getting a definitive version of the script together. Amanda is the most punctilious at transcribing changes, but she failed to take her script to Edinburgh, so her changes had to be cross-referenced with mine. Then reading through and again in the first run through it became clear that there are also a host of improvisational additions that have becomes fixed as script but have never written up as such.

Despite all the is we are getting there.

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