5 thoughts on “Mark Butcher at Pilot Night

  1. What a wonderful moment when echo came on – the surprise at the size difference. The piece had some great timing on the part of the performers. Curiously it made me think of domestic abuse in our world today, which I think came from the presentation of the story rather than the story itself.

  2. liked the size difference in your characters, could be played on more we feel, his physical presence of hers says a lot. Liked the way one moment it seemed sweet / comic and the next almost feeling guilty for thinking that as she became isolated. The end came to a bit of a plateau, the text was a bit too obvious after such poignant moment when forced to speak others words. Would be interested to see where this may lead, perhaps more development on modern relevance…

  3. I very much liked the core idea of this piece and others have commented on the visual presentation being strong, which it was. I think with more detailed attention and careful shaping the piece could realize its great potential. It was comic and playful, thought provoking and elegant. We work it could be more of all those things.

  4. Enjoyed this mixture of comedy and an uncomfortable feeling, particularly when Echo was repeating her confession. The gentle demeanour of the male character meant that I didn’t get too angry though. I agree that the ending was weak. I started clapping too soon when there was a hiatus. I felt that Echo could change the stresses of some of the phrases in the confession so that the meaning is changed. This would give her more power if this is what you want here. Thank you for your thought provoking performance.

  5. This piece has much intrigued me. The presentation was simply sleek. The presence of both performers was captivating. The story of the Myth of Echo was retold as a lecture by a salesman or … the cards, the glasses,the hand gestures, holding front stage confidently… definitely a well rehearsed politician, his words, most of them, being repeated powerfully, with the right intent and the wrong intent to comical effect by a petty figure behind him . And yet, i kept wanting a bit more… More play on echo, more from the Voice repeating others (many others) thoughts or not… Less contact between our politician and the Voice at the end, even no contact at all like at the beginning… I had a glimpse when our politician reads to Echo what her punishment is that this was not about the Myth but more about forced signed confessions… That is intriguing me…

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