5 thoughts on “The Company Project at Pilot

  1. Lovely writing, performances and timing. I love the fact that the rain was pouring down on the roof as Orpheus was rowed across the lake – a wonderful fluke of nature in a slick performance. Beautiful moments of silence.

  2. Really enjoyed this performancewhe it started we didn’t know what to expect and it really transported us into the world of the dead. The facial expressions of the woman were a main focus in the piece as she created humour, empathy and intrigue. The rain sounded like an intentional soundtrack as it made the piece feel even more real. The only part which wasn’t convincing was the use of the guitar. From what was said in the piece we were expecting something out of this world and the beautiful moment that could have been created was lost. The end left us wanting more. So more please more!

  3. I really enjoyed this performance, I thought it was both well scripted and excellently performed. A lovely comic sketch with a touching final moment. I wonder if its is thought of as part of a larger thing, Could it be expanded to be more than a sketch?

  4. The impressive thing about this was how well-judged the humour was – it was a very amusing performance, but the temptation to mug up too much was resisted allowing the more thoughtful elements to sit alongside the chuckles.

  5. For me this was the best piece. I loved the female character, the staging and the interplay between characters. The male role was well played against the humour of the Charon character. As in the above comment, I would have liked to hear the guitar played properly. Maybe there was some musical reason for the pianissimo playing? I think a joke where she says. “That’s beautiful” and he says, “I’m just tuning up” would work before the mood transformation. Put me on the mailing list for the finished piece please!

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